by Justin Crockett

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Just when modern medicine seems to be on the cusp of creating miracles daily, diseases are throwing us curveballs and making us question everything we thought we knew.

#7. We Are About to Cure PTSD Before the Actual Traumatic Event

Researchers are developing a sort of vaccine to basically block out traumatic events that could lead to PTSD down the road. A hormone in the body called ghrelin is thought to be to blame for the development of post-traumatic illness. This shot would lower ghrelin levels in the body for up to a year.

#6. AIDS Has Gone Into Remission in More Than One Case

You may remember the story last year of a San Francisco man who, through stem cell transplants, was cured of HIV. While some HIV cells were found in his tissue, the virus was unable to replicate, signifying remission.

Now there is a little girl in Mississippi who was born with HIV, given heavy, aggressive treatment just after birth, and is now HIV-free. The trace amounts of the virus in her system are unable to even grasp onto her immune cells.

#5. Gonorrhea Is Becoming A Part Of Us

Gonorrhea was discovered recently to have spawned a new strain of itself that is completely immune to treatment. More terrifyingly, it’s also been found that gonorrhea has become so strong as to swap DNA with human cells. It’s the first recorded case of direct transfer between human and bacteria, and gives clues as to how well the disease adapts to its human hosts.

#4. Chemotherapy Can Actually Strengthen Cancer

While chemotherapy has been the go-to treatment for many types of cancer, it’s now being seen that the procedure might not just affect certain kinds of cancer, but also help the tumors grow larger. Scientists tested chemo on several men afflicted with prostate cancer, and noticed that in some of their healthy cells, a protein was being secreted that strengthened cancer cells and helped them survive.

#3. Alzheimer’s Disease is Likely a Form of Diabetes

New information is building a case that Alzheimer’s disease is basically a form of diabetes, brought on by poor dieting. New research is calling Alzheimer’s a metabolic disease, linked to insulin, and in a study done with rats, blocking of insulin to their brains resulted in Alzheimer’-like symptoms.

#2. Multiple Sclerosis May Not Have to Be Permanent

Previously thought to be a life-long illness with very limited treatment, MS has had a breakthrough in an Italian doctor’s findings. Believing Multiple Sclerosis to be the cause of blocked pathways to clear iron from the brain, he developed a procedure to open these veins. Operating on 65 MS patients, he cleared these veins; two years later, 73 percent of the subjects reported no symptoms.

#1. STD’s Aren’t Just Limited to Humans

STD’s are not just a malady limited to people: it’s also a main cause of koalas nearing extinction. Many koalas suffer from a form of chlamydia, bad enough that it’s an epidemic that infects nearly 90 percent of koalas in Australia. They also have been shown to have a retrovirus that is closely related to human AIDS.

More than animals, it’s now known that insects and even flowers have a form of sexually transmitted disease, displayed by a black fungus on their petals. Called a smut, it’s passed from flower to flower by pollenating insects. But since it’s caused by reproduction, it’s by definition an STD.