by Carolyn Burke


It’s true. For all the shouting about book accuracy in these films, all the best offerings hack away at the source material like a gleeful little butcher.


Take for example ‘It’, obviously certain parts of this are a gimme, underage orgies should never be seen as acceptable movie material. But this movie changed around the entire ending too.

Remember the scene where Mother Nature in the form of a giant space vomiting turtle taught the kids how to defeat everyone’s ultimate worst nightmare? Oh, you don’t remember the turtle? That’s because they cut that shit. It was silly.


Then of course there is ‘The Mist’, which also cut out a sex scene wherein the hero of the film cheats on his wife (who may or may not have been dead at the time). This movie also tinkered with the ending quite controversially by obliterating every reasonably intelligent character in the entire film. And it was brilliant. So brilliant in fact, Stephen King himself freaking loved it. The next time you hear someone complain about the book accuracy on this one you are welcome to use this for your argument.


King doesn’t always love the re-imaginings of his films, of course. There is always the infamous ‘The Shining’ grudge that prompted the awful remake inexplicably starring a ‘Wings’ headliner.


That film once again cuts down some of the sex (between Jack and Wendy) and strays so far away from the source material’s ending it may as well be on another planet. In book form Jack and the hotel blow up, and everyone else survives. How scary is a scary movie that only kills off the villain? Zero. Zero scary. The liberties taken in the film gave an ambiguously confusing ending that hinted at the idea these events are constantly happening to the caretakers of the Overlook Hotel and they always will be. Plus, the movie was damn scary.


If you disagree with all of this you can look to ‘Bag of Bones’, which may have destroyed an adorable little toddler character by making her a socially awkward 9 year old, but they tried to stay as close as they possibly could to everything else. They didn’t cut much, even when good sense would tell you something desperately needed to be cut, for example:

James Bond just got bitch slapped by a tree.


That…should have been cut. If you take anything from this it should be that Stephen King needs to rethink his sex scenes and endings. And also…spoilers.


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