by Carolyn 


Tinker Bell, every Hot Topic fan’s favorite little Marilyn homage. Everyone loves her strong spirit, something she clearly had in common with Monroe herself. Much like Marilyn though, Tink’s spirit did in fact become severely broken.


Tink started as a wonder-filled gadget inventor. In her first ever turn as star in a full-length feature film she wrestles with her own identity as just a “tinker” fairy, believing she should have a more important, season-changing job. Eventually though, she comes to peace with who she is. Very empowering stuff.


After learning the ways of Girl Power, Tink becomes a full-fledged adventurer and traveler, often coming to the rescue of her friends, and even becoming a UN Ambassador of sorts.


But of course all of these movies take place before her fateful meeting with Peter Pan. Her best friend, her comrade in arms. Surely such a close friendship can only improve Tink’s outlook right?


Tink straight up tries to kill a bitch. And by getting a bunch of unsuspecting, totally gullible children to do it no less. But why? Because fairies just get mad sometimes?


When Disney’s take on Pan and friends was all we had to go off of, Peter seemed pretty dope. Nobody wants to grow up and Peter gave kids an out. Well, he gave boys an out. Girls apparently don’t get that option. They get to become the Mother. Tink though, she was just such a cool bitch right? Sassy, glamorous, pocket-sized, she had it all. But after Tink’s wide-eyed origin story you have to seriously wonder what the hell happened to the poor thing to make her go psycho-killer. She was happy, had a tight group of friends, learned to be confident in her own skin and had her own self-fulfilling job. Post Peter Tink is a very different Tink.


In “Peter Pan” we see Tinker Bell is the only one of her kind on the entire island. There’s an entire Indian tribe, a boatload of pirates, a gang of Lost Boys and a murder of Mermaids, but on the whole damn island there is exactly one fairy. Tink has no real friends here except for Peter, and it’s just not very often you’ll see a girl give up everyone like that for one guy unless there is a romantic relationship involved. A very messy, abusive, screwed up romantic relationship. It just doesn’t happen otherwise.


So was Peter just so awesome that Tink was willing to move to Never Land to be with him knowing she was giving up all of her own kind in the process? She may have thought so, but Peter is a playa. Pan flirts with every girl on two legs:;/


and sometimes those without:


Even if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he isn’t really flirting, you can’t say he’s being very faithful or respectful either. He never once says he’s taken or not interested, he just revels in the attention and laughs as the Mermaids get jealousy and murdery in front of him.


So Tinker Bell is alone, and clearly not respected by what obviously is or was her boyfriend. But what about that awesome tinker job she used to have, fixing things and saving the day with her ingenuity? In Neverland, Tink just doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t really do anything except follow Peter around. She doesn’t fix anything, she doesn’t build or brainstorm, she just turns to Hook for help. She’s so out of practice she depends on the villain to think up a plan for her. That’s pretty sad.


It would appear that in the Land of Never, Tink’s sole purpose is to give Peter’s new pieces of ass the ability to fly.

Who says female characters aren’t historically well-written?

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