Some buildings seem sinister for lots of reasons. It could be their age, location, state of decay, all sorts of things. One of the things that doesn’t immediately cross the mind when considering creepy places is an airport. You need people to come to your airport, it’s just not in your best interests to make it a festering creephole. Behold, Denver International Airport:


Oh that’s not so bad! Majestic, really…

Let’s see how cool it looks from the top!



Hmm, that’s odd. That reminds us slightly of another shape we’ve seen before.



Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s not like Nazis came over and built an American airport in the Rockies. So let’s assume the planners didn’t mean to construct a complex that kinda resembles a swastika. You know what, let’s actually just head inside, because as of right now, there’s a terrifying horse statue that’s giving us the ol’ hairy eyeball:



Alright, and we’re walking! Heading into the front doors, down the corridors….Oh look! Art! This is more like it…




Children of all nations, religions, and ethnicities gathered in a humbling show of peace and unity. Take that, accusers of devious and shadowy intentions! As you can see by these prominent murals, this is a place of reflection, a place meant for you to take a few seconds upon disembarking from your flight and imagine a world where beauty and peace reign supreme, where the children are the only, um, the only thing that, uhhhh….




Slow down. Ok, so the artist is clearly trying to tell us something about the fragile power balance between man and nature. Noble attempt, sure, but did they absolutely have to convey that with massive fireballs, weeping children, and a CORPSE OF A LITTLE GIRL WITH A JEWISH BADGE ON HER CHEST?



You know what? Let’s just go ahead and get out of here, we’ll just follow this hallway until we reach the outside. Pick up the pace a little bit as well. There’s some daylight down that way, just continue down the corridor, past the apparent German Storm Trooper stabbing a dove, while a replica letter from a Holocaust victim flutters to the corner of the mural.



We’re just going to go ahead and hit a full-on sprint now, pretty sure whatever hellbeast resides within this edifice is going to awaken from its slumber any minute. Yes! There’s the door, just one more mural to tear by and we’ll be free!



Jesus robot arms rising from the sea, next to a drowned fetus and sweet corn? Somehow, that is scariest of all…