7 Musicians and Their Bizarre TV Cameos

by Justin Crockett


When you’re a globe-trotting megastar in the world of music, you probably have it all: Money, girls, respect, the strongest immune system known to man. Sometimes all of those perks aren’t enough, and you have to start “expressing yourself” in other ways. Tell-all memoirs are one way. Maybe a foray into animal mating gesture mimicry. Or, like these people, awkward as shit cameos on TV shows…..

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Pictures Taken Just Before Major Events

   by Justin Crockett


 Many times, we come to understand significant events in history by the visual documents that are taken during them. Occasionally, whoever is snapping photos of said event just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and we can see a record of what was going on beforehand, as if something was just in the air…. Continue reading

6 Musicians Who Were Shitty, Shitty Human Beings

by Justin Crockett


When it comes to music, we don’t ask a lot of our idols. Churn out some hits, give us some solid albums, and don’t commit high crimes or kill anybody. Some of these people didn’t get that fax…..

#6. Vince Neil

December 8th is a shitty day to be a rock musician. It was the day John Lennon was shot in 1980, Dimebag Darrell of Pantera fame met his maker on that day in 2004, and it’s also the day Vince Neil of Motley Crue decided to drive himself and Hanoi Rocks drummer “Razzle” Dingley to the liquor store. Continue reading

9 Bizarre Albums by Popular Artists

by Justin Crockett

There is something about sustained success from an artist that makes them feel that they should jeopardize it all in one fell swoop. Think about it, cranking out good songs consistently, enjoying worldwide adoration, that shit gets real old. The point of being an artist is to make your fans question what, exactly, is in your skull….

#9. Neil Young, “Trans”


Neil Young has had a long, storied career, beginning with 60’s legends Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. He then took his rootsy, storytelling style into the 70’s with his epic live band Crazy Horse. Neil wasn’t the most attractive fella in any room, ever, but his iconic vocal style and personal lyrics connected with several decades worth of audiences.

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Markakis Leaves the Orioles

by Justin Crockett


This past week, Nick Markakis decided to leave the Baltimore Orioles after a nine year career with the Birds:


As a lifelong Orioles fan, it might seem far-fetched to me in this business age of baseball that he should have been a career Oriole, and indeed should have even had his number retired at the end of his run. To me, it’s not about the numbers, which were surely strong in his first 4 seasons with the team. It was about that roughly defined “Oriole Way”, which is not about stats or prominence, but being nameless for the sake of the team, playing every day, and playing like a kid.

You will be missed, Nicky.

Insane “As Seen on TV” Products Unleashed Upon the Human Race

by Justin Crockett


When you remember Billy Mays and his beard, and Ron Popeil and his apron(??), your mind conjurs up feelings of goofy-but-probably-somewhat-useful products. But then, sometimes, the universe unleashes a shart of such proportion that the sun devours itself and were are left alone in the darkness. These products were devised by an elite team of supervillains and robots who don’t yet understand humans.

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Our Allegiance to Our Sports Teams is Becoming Dangerous

by Justin Crockett


In the spiral of shit that this week has become regarding the NFL, Ray Rice, domestic violence discussions, and cover-up after cover-up, one thing is becoming very clear:

Our blind allegiance to our sports teams and players is becoming a dangerous thing.

In light of today’s story that the NFL indeed had the full video of Ray Rice face-fucking his fiancee with his fist with cartoonish power and speed, there are tons of questions that need to be addressed in order to restore some kind of faith in humanity.

If you haven’t been on Earth recently, here’s a recap of how the news broke, and how the news quickly shit its own pants: Ray Rice and his wife-to-be were leaving a casino, got into an elevator where something happened during the ride that made her be unconscious at its destination. That’s how the story began. The footage that accompanied the story just showed her crumpled body and Ray Rice standing there like “ehhhh what the heck?”.

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