Timtom’s Closet: 7/2/2015

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by Tim Thompson


I think that most ‘‘activists’’ become such for one reason: to be on television.

Some idiot girl climbs a flagpole, she could have been seriously hurt by the way, to take a flag down and, all of a sudden, it’s like a new hero was born. People in the south cancelled dates with their cousins to talk about things like “oh man the south is in our blood” and “don’t tread on me” and so on. I think even Sarah Palin said something. And of course, there are no shortages of television cameras on hand to capture all these noble creatures.

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Surprising Video Game Origins

by Justin Crockett


If you were a child of the Nintendo age, you no doubt have fond memories of the times: seeing the unmistakable shape of an NES game wrapped up under the tree, going to the movie rental stores that had video games and being able to rent two at a time(damn you for losing the instruction manual!), and enjoying a game that had focus and purpose that didn’t require 60 hours to complete. It was a simpler time, which required the developers of these games to really invest some thought into their characters. Here are some of the more unique origins of your childhood heroes.

Donkey Kong Was a Popeye Game

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Meet Shigeru Miyamoto, perhaps the most important video game designer in history. His credits include the Mario games, the Zelda series, Metroid Prime, and uh, Ham Ham Heartbreak. 


The most Japanese thing, ever. 

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80’s Movie Character Groups Who Sucked at Their Jobs

by Justin Crockett


The 1980’s were a time of blatant suspension of disbelief for moviegoers. It just seemed that we could accept anything as a premise in regard to films. A robot that came to life from a lightning strike and wanted to hang out with Ally Sheedy? Alright. A group of kids that sit in detention for a FULL DAY WITH NO SUPERVISION? And end up hanging out with Ally Sheedy? Yeah, ok.

But upon further analysis, it seems that the reason a lot of 80’s movie plots move forward is due to gross negligence on the parts of very specific character groups.

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4 Insane Pop Culture Coincidences

by Justin Crockett


We look to movies, music, books, and shows sometimes as a way to mirror our lives. To look at other fictional people and  think “I’m not as weird/ugly/dumb/small-weinered as I thought!” And that level of observation towards pop culture lends itself to seeing a myriad of ways that we compare our lives to fictional lives. Coincidences don’t matter if you’re referencing a really cool movie or TV show.

But sometimes, real life can produce happenstances that more than just resemble a pop culture work. They straight up plagiarize fiction.

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7 Musicians and Their Bizarre TV Cameos

by Justin Crockett


When you’re a globe-trotting megastar in the world of music, you probably have it all: Money, girls, respect, the strongest immune system known to man. Sometimes all of those perks aren’t enough, and you have to start “expressing yourself” in other ways. Tell-all memoirs are one way. Maybe a foray into animal mating gesture mimicry. Or, like these people, awkward as shit cameos on TV shows…..

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